About Us

Jetski specialist, Eddie, bought his first jetski in 1989. The Kawasaki 440!
That was a “huge” 40 horsepower!
Riding, surfing & chasing the average 8 feet to 12 feet waves on the African coastline was scarey, challenging AND FUN on that very underpowered & unstable ski.
How different jetskis are today! …..From 40Hp to the now 310Hp

Eddie started doing jetski maintenance from 1990.
At that time he was a helicopter technician & was racing formula karts, rally , track racing and quads, so this technical experience and NEED FOR SPEED was the foundation of his future & present jetski career.
Jetski racing, wave riding and freestyle competitions soon became the focus and he spent more time in the water than in a race car.
With countless winnings and events, his knowledge and experience grew.

Jetskiing is not Eddie’s job… but his passion!

He has enjoyed 26 years of international & local experience.
Ridden or worked on every type of jetski or jetboat ever produced.
Friendly advice, always available to help & vast experiences is available to you.
Getting you and your family back on the water is our Number 1 priority.